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Pressure’s On

Pressure’s on – Red C

Can modern hardcore bands really be the voice of persecution and pressure from the police nowdays, of outsiderness, the way they were in the early 80’s? I think i might defy them as it too much. They want to replicate it, to draw a legitimacy from back then (and there may still be things legitimate in what they sing about and the anger with which they’re carried), but are today’s bands (i’m thinking Trash Talk, Ceremony, etc.) really the voices/victims of any oppression at the personal level? Discuss?

I don’t think i can take hardcore at the selfish level – the Black Flag level – if it is to say or ameliorate anything. It needs to be outward looking – not just for the punks as punks, but as part of a larger community, a larger planet, with every intent, however misguided, to be effective.

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