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13 Monsters

13 monsters – Lightning Bolt

I watched The Power of Salad and Milkshakes last night, and:

  • It’s the perfect band movie, with just live footage, on the road goofings around, a near eschewing interviews with the band, hangers on, or authoritative music scene voices and all those other usual music documentary cliches
  • Lightning Bolt are a really good band
  • I wish i went to see them the time they were here (even though i probably couldn’t have stood the crowd)
  • Brian Chippendale is an amazing drummer and makes me want to smash at my kit in a way few others do
  • I wish i were Brian Chippendale
  • I wish i were Brian Chippendale in Lightning Bolt
  • The two person unit seems such an ideal setup for a band, especially a touring band
  • And i have this song in my head.

    local hero

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