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Panik – Bratmobile

Greetings from my mother’s house. She’s in the U.S.A. right now so i get to house sit a few days a week, feed her cats and use her internet. It’s nice here. And warm. Wilberforce forever!

Amazingly this song was still on our old computer, so i actually have something to post. I’ve been cool for a while, you know? Actually i’m just old. I don’t think there is another band who makes me feel as tough as i do when listening to Bratmobile. A confident toughness – cool, self assured, dauntless, right. We can pretend.

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Gimme Brains

Gimme brains – Bratmobile

The greatest band to never use their guitar for chords. OK, they sometimes did. The greatest band in a lot of senses. Ladies, Women and Girls might be the best reformation album ever. Allison Wolfe – her splits and her jumping up and down and her connection with the audience – might be the best frontperson for any band ever. I have a feeling i missed them on a tour here. I’ll kick myself if i did. Or throw another band on to the not realising my dreams pile.

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