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A-ing♡ – Orange Caramel

The best respite i could imagine from the super cool, super sexy business of After School would be to act as good witch, fairytale heroes in Orange Caramel. As a listener it’s good respite as well. But then i’m of the mindset (and bodyset) that being super cool and super sexy is hard work, and i’m a lazy person.

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Shanghai Romance

Shanghai romance – Orange Caramel

This was the song i heard most during my holiday. Orange Caramel are a 3 member part-time subgroup formed from the much larger After School, and even though they are very cartoony and every song sounds like it was designed for a DDR soundtrack i like them very much. More than After School, probably. I don’t know why Orange Caramel formed nor why it was these three girls chosen to form it. Schedules of other members, international appeal, being able to sing? Oh wait. Lizzy, Raina and Nana are the three youngest After School members, or were at the time Orange Caramel debuted. That’s probably it. Here’s a video of them performing dressed as Chun Li. Worlds of gratification colliding:

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