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96 Tears

96 tears – ? and the Mysterians

A great song. A perfect song even, and the definition of a nugget. But why 96 tears? It’s boring, it’s semantics, i know, but i’ve always wondered why it is that number and what it’s referring to. An anniversary, a highway number, something astrological, something numerological, something to do with Curium, an inversion (not mathematically, of course) of 69, an area code, a house number, the letters “IF” written the simplest of alphabets codes, April 6th or April 5th on a leap year, a number revealed They Live-style when viewing the world solely through sunglasses, an accurate measurement of falling tears, a random number that sounded nice when put in a song? Who knows? Who cares? Leave this shit for Tool.

into the night

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