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Song for Kristen – The Blanche Hudson Weekend

“But ‘chyar Blanche! ‘chyar!” When the Manhattan Love Suicides broke up what really did we lose? Two just as excellent, just as cool, just as miserable bands coming in that wake in the form of the Medusa Snare and the Blanche Hudson Weekend; and we’re left with a two year string of perfect records – more than i offer hope for with any band.

In the case of the Blanche Hudson Weekend, it seems like a fluid continuation of what the Manhattan Love Suicides had done, aesthetically and in sound (though a little more tempered, more Galaxie 500) especially with Caroline and Darren involved. Was even there any lull and repose between disbandment and formation? I just remember it being so quick, so seamless, like all they did was just change their name. As long as good people are involved and continue to be involved, what is there to worry about time passing on anything?

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