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Linda Linda

Linda Linda – Paranmaum

Last night we watched Linda Linda Linda, so how could i not have this song stuck in my head. It really is such a perfect movie, so sweet, so understated, and perfectly captures what it’s like to be in a band, especially in high school. How tuning takes up half the soundtrack, the what to do now silence that happens after playing through a song, the importance it takes on in your life, the nerves, being terrible, being ok, that wonderful, wonderful feeling making noise with your friends gives you.

This is a cover, as with everything the girls played, of a song by the Blue Hearts (Paranmaum being Blue Hearts translated into Korean). I guess maybe it is because i heard both versions at the same time and the original holds no significance for me, but this is the better version. And maybe it’s also because i spent two hours with these girls last night, seeing what this all meant for them, that i like it more. And, yeah, also because it fits an ideal more as to what i want in and from a band.

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