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Fights – Skankin’ Pickle

Buk! Choy! Buk Choy! Maybe it’s pak choy. Who knows? I wonder what the longest gap between the last time i’ve listened to a song and the morning it has come into my head has been, because i think we have a winner here. A long time has passed, i’ve grown and learned a lot, but still i remember this being a far more exciting and frenzied song than what i’m listening to here. A bright light from a past i wish i had spent pointed elsewhere, i thought i would be less ashamed in posting it. There’s something wrong with it. It seems too slow. Maybe there’s another version of it out there – one twice as fast.

Honestly, i am not that ashamed in posting this. I do wish it was as good as i remember it, like it being so would make it that less unbearable to people who would never want anything to do with it. Cool people. Ska.

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