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En Verano

En verano – Vacaciones

Even though i believe Vacaciones wholly capable of writing such a song, i have a feeling this is a cover. If so, i wish i knew who it was by. Vacaciones have a knack for covering songs by people i love (Lio, France Gall, Heavenly), and i’m always happy and ready to learn and throw another name on that pile. So, a song titled Summer, or In Summer, or even as it is: En Verano… onward.

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Confusion – New Order

I said yesterday that this was the first New Order song that i really liked. I think i need to be told what to like. It was because of the BBC series Dancing In The Street, and this being the New Order song they covered in depth – Arthur Baker and the band going through the steps of its production. I was never really sure why they chose this song and not one of their bigger hits to examine, but i think it has something to do with the growing and shifting role of the producer in music and bridging the gap between the rock band and the club, between Manchester and New York. Also it may have had to do with Confusion being the first New Order record released with remixes.

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Thieves Like Us

Thieves like us – New Order

For a band whose universal high standing, reverence and recognition i see as convincing enough evidence that my attention and energy are not needed here, that i will find nothing personally vital with them, it’s always nice to find another New Order song that i like. I like things that remind me how much of a prudish, dismissive idiot i am. I need them. How else will i learn?

This is how i will come to like New Order: One song at a time. Yawning through Bizarre Love Triangle and Blue Monday because of their ubiquity and terrible cover versions, finding Confusion, then Shellshock, then slapping my ever-expanding forehead for disregarding Bizarre Love Triangle and Blue Monday, then Ceremony, and now this song. I think there might be something to this band. I think there might be something contributing to my lonely, lonely existence.

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Paper Thin

Paper thin – Betty and the Werewolves

My favourite song on one of my favourite records released last year. My… third favourite album of last year. It is a song i love so much that i bought its single twice in a blind desperate quest to own everything i could by this band. Fact: If you own the album, you own everything. I don’t have the heart to take issue with them the waste that every song, b-side and a, they’ve released on singles are found issued duplicately on the album. Oh well. Apart from that, there could not be a more perfect band for me than this.

I plan on using my extra copy to make friends.

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A Song I Made Up

A song i made up

Yes, a song i made up. In my head. I’ll probably lose it by this afternoon if i don’t write it down or record it. But what do i need it for? I need a band, real bad. I need a band where i don’t have to do any of the work, any of the getting off my butt, clearly. Start a band with me, infinite recesses of the internet.

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With Arms Outstretched

With arms outstretched – Rilo Kiley

Curse not yet broken. I have never sung the sing-a-long of this song along with anyone. Surprise, surprise. I wonder what it would be like – to share this band and their effect with others. It scares me a little. Still, it has always seemed wrong that my love of Rilo Kiley is one held so personally and reclusively. It is mostly out of an irrational shame that it is, but it is also to do with the fact that i have never found anyone else who listens to them. Maybe i have. Maybe we’re all inhibited in the same shame spiral, we’ll never dare crawl our way out of it and admit the unadmittable, finding each other in the wreckage of felled walls. Arms outstretched.

We’ll start a club! Rilo Kiley Anonymous. Leave contact as a comment. We can talk about how our hearts jumped when we heard this song closing the Weeds pilot.

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What’s Happening

What’s happening – The Jasmine Minks

I’d like to know what’s happening. This string of Jasmine Minks songs will forever remind me of my wordpress problems. Maybe they are a curse. Nothing’s loading, it’s just basic HTML, nothing else. It’s hard to write these things blindly. Is anyone else having this problem? This is the least important thing happening in the world at the moment, in a time of very important things. Still, it’s all i do, so it’s annoying.

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