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Saturday, July 21st:
The dance in that rhythm – Kim Wan Sun

Sunday, July 22nd:
London belongs to me (part 2) – The Crabapples

Monday, July 23rd:
Yr philosophy – Street Chant

Tuesday, July 24th:
Namida no Matsurika (Jasmine) LOVE – Kawai Sonoko

Wednesday, July 25th:
Rain – The Chills

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Monday, July 16th:
All that she wants – Ace of Base

Tuesday, July 17th:
My son – Sicko

Wednesday, July 18th:
Tonight – Kim Wan Sun

My goal here this holiday is to find her records so i can actually have decent recordings to listen to, and put up here if she comes into my head again. She will.

Thursday, July 19th:
Electric shock – f(x)

Friday, July 20th:
ハートのIgnition – Fukunaga Satomi

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Wednesday, July 11th:
Don’t wait up for me – The Beat

Thursday, July 12th:
El sueño de mi vida – Cola Jet Set

Friday, July 13th (ooooh):
Apple is A – T-ara

Saturday, July 14th:
Like a secret – Jawbreaker

Sunday, July 15th:
Alone – Sistar

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Friday, July 6th:
Scared – Verbal Assault

Saturday, July 7th:
Tool – Heavenly

Sunday, July 8th:
Daydreamer – Merel

(a live version because i couldn’t find mp3s for Superpowers)

Monday, July 9th:
JM y la furgoneta azul – Juniper Moon

Tuesday, July 10th:
Hey U – Venny

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Suena el teléfono – Cola Jet Set

Let’s all watch the video because i have a lot to do. I’m leaving for Korea again tomorrow. The thing i love is there, and it ain’t K-Pop.

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If looks could kill – Camera Obscura

Songs firmly linked to certain memories, and this song seems it will forever remind me of driving along the back side of Richmond RAAF base after leaving a particularly bad party, and it coming on the radio. It was dedicated to people driving – me! – with instructions to play loud. After the boredom and rejection i was then running away from, to have this song and the opening arms that carried it (Sydney’s hip young people’s radio station nonetheless), playing just for me, well… i drove very fast indeed.

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Ushiroyubi sasaregumi – Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi

Another theme song. Another J-pop song. Another Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi song. Their own theme, but also the theme to High School! Kimengumi, an anime. I’ve built up a very stubborn resistance to anime and so i don’t think i’ll ever watch this. It does look right up my alley, but i just can’t make that jump. There’s a finality in anime that i’m not ready to take. If there’s a live action version however…

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