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Saturday, July 21st:
The dance in that rhythm – Kim Wan Sun

Sunday, July 22nd:
London belongs to me (part 2) – The Crabapples

Monday, July 23rd:
Yr philosophy – Street Chant

Tuesday, July 24th:
Namida no Matsurika (Jasmine) LOVE – Kawai Sonoko

Wednesday, July 25th:
Rain – The Chills

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Monday, July 16th:
All that she wants – Ace of Base

Tuesday, July 17th:
My son – Sicko

Wednesday, July 18th:
Tonight – Kim Wan Sun

My goal here this holiday is to find her records so i can actually have decent recordings to listen to, and put up here if she comes into my head again. She will.

Thursday, July 19th:
Electric shock – f(x)

Friday, July 20th:
ハートのIgnition – Fukunaga Satomi

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Wednesday, July 11th:
Don’t wait up for me – The Beat

Thursday, July 12th:
El sueño de mi vida – Cola Jet Set

Friday, July 13th (ooooh):
Apple is A – T-ara

Saturday, July 14th:
Like a secret – Jawbreaker

Sunday, July 15th:
Alone – Sistar

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Friday, July 6th:
Scared – Verbal Assault

Saturday, July 7th:
Tool – Heavenly

Sunday, July 8th:
Daydreamer – Merel

(a live version because i couldn’t find mp3s for Superpowers)

Monday, July 9th:
JM y la furgoneta azul – Juniper Moon

Tuesday, July 10th:
Hey U – Venny

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Suena el teléfono – Cola Jet Set

Let’s all watch the video because i have a lot to do. I’m leaving for Korea again tomorrow. The thing i love is there, and it ain’t K-Pop.

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If looks could kill – Camera Obscura

Songs firmly linked to certain memories, and this song seems it will forever remind me of driving along the back side of Richmond RAAF base after leaving a particularly bad party, and it coming on the radio. It was dedicated to people driving – me! – with instructions to play loud. After the boredom and rejection i was then running away from, to have this song and the opening arms that carried it (Sydney’s hip young people’s radio station nonetheless), playing just for me, well… i drove very fast indeed.

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Ushiroyubi sasaregumi – Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi

Another theme song. Another J-pop song. Another Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi song. Their own theme, but also the theme to High School! Kimengumi, an anime. I’ve built up a very stubborn resistance to anime and so i don’t think i’ll ever watch this. It does look right up my alley, but i just can’t make that jump. There’s a finality in anime that i’m not ready to take. If there’s a live action version however…

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Shiroi honno – Saito Yuki

The closing credits theme to the first series of Sukeban Deka, where Saito Yuki herself plays Takanoha Academy Class 2-B’s Asamiya Saki, a.k.a… Sukeban Deka! I love this show. I mean really, vital to my life, one of the greatest television shows of all time, love it. It is like a 60’s/70’s Japanese genre film tempered into an afternoon children’s TV show, with all excitement, desperation and melancholia intact. In the most recent episode i watched, a good three minutes of the twenty-five minute show was dedicated as an aside for a character to play a Chopin etude. Not to further the plot, but to hold everything and create mood the way Westerns or, again, Japanese genre films of the 60’s and 70’s used to.

Also, on the demand of some rich corporation CEO’s daughter, the head of a music academy stabs a student as a final, desperate measure to stop her from competing in a piano concours. The stabbed student then drags herself on to stage and up to the piano, playing Fantaisie Impromptu, Op. 66 perfectly to honour her dead parents (they themselves victims of a previous attempt on the student’s life), all the while bleeding from her stomach, passing in and out of consciousness. Cue me breathless.

I was going to post the video of the closing credits here, but Toei took it and a bunch of other Sukeban Deka clips from youtube on a copyright claim. I know it’s theirs, and i know they’re being good and uploading a lot of things themselves directly from their archives, but it would be nice if the extant videos are only taken down when new, official ones are put up to replace them. What crime is there in a credit sequence? What use is there in denying us it? Just imaging this song being played over footage of Saito Yuki roaming the streets alone, disconnected.

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She has to be loved – Jenny Morris

Rescuing another song from muzak anonymity (to me), i now know who sang this song, and the time and place they sang it. 1989 and Australia. I didn’t expect it to be so close, but of course it is. Hey Hey It’s Saturday to supermarket P.A. muzak. I think that’s our pop history’s trajectory. If it’s lucky. This song isn’t that great. Too singer-y and i’m not sure about the message behind it.

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