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Take the power back – Rage Against The Machine

Finding Rage Against The Machine as a pre-teen, leaving them as an early teen, and then looking back on them now after learning everything i have in between, there’s something this kid once interested in angry music and swearing didn’t realise: Rage Against The Machine were a hardcore band. Where once it seemed like rap rock with a blanket message of opposition and anger, looking closer these are nothing if not hardcore songs. Issue songs: Native struggle, racist police, the apartheidic element in American cities, Cointelpro, assuage to war and other violence on TV as good guy/bad guy, struggle-muting entertainment, and here the whitewashing of history reinforced by the education system. The only thing missing is a song about scene politics.

The link to Inside Out was probably the giveaway. Everything redeemable about the band lies in their connection to hardcore i.e. Zach. Zach’s lyrics were the best thing about the band – so powerful, so potent, and they only got better as they went alone. And he was a more eloquent frontperson than any i’ve seen, introducing songs without ever saying “um” or fumbling over his words and losing the directness of his message.

It’s just such a pity that these words fell to a convenient deafness in the majority of people who heard them. But the discussion Rage Against The Machine brought, and the many, many people they did touch and opened eyes and worlds for made up for it. That’s something that would not have happened at the level it did had they remained a hardcore band in a hardcore scene.

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