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Shine – Collective Soul

There was a time i thought this song the collective knees of a whole hive of bees. It was early, early in my independent music listening/possessing pursuit and sure i knew at most 1% of the music i know of today and the music that puts the shivers up my spine and goosebumps on my skin being irrevocably altered since then, but this, Urge Overkill’s Sister Havana, Stone Roses’ Love Spreads, and Whale’s Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe were my jams at ten years old. Only one of those i can bear listening to today, and will profess love for until i die. Guess which. Maybe it’s two. I can’t remember how Sister Havana goes.

There is a lot to cringe over in this song now. It has wormed its way into my memory enough for it to come there to the fore at least ten years after last hearing it. There, undefined, cloudy and as rose-coloured as any memory, it didn’t sound so bad. I just listened to it again. It is kind of sad, having something which moved you so diminished through time, experience, change in taste, definition in aversion. And this has being diminished for me so much – not even nostalgia can make this bearable.

Ok, maybe i can bear it, but what ever did i see in this? It is from the outset automatic dad rock again. Unlike Pearl Jam, though, i never hear of Collective Soul anymore and see no evidence of a campaign to commemorate their existence and hit singles. They may be lost to time, under shadow of the "greats". Yet they will always themselves overshadow what i have through time figured out and believe to be the finest and most important music of 1993 or whenever.

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