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Blap – Koro

I’m sure how i felt when i discovered Koro’s 700 Club 7″ is something that has run through a lot of people. Why did i not know about this earlier? What forces were behind keeping this from me? One of (if not) the best hardcore 7″ ever released, hidden, unvenerated, because they weren’t a band from Los Angeles, New York or Washington D.C.. The geopolitics of hardcore. Hardcore, what it was and could be, had rested on some pretty boring bands from those areas. Why wasn’t it resting on Koro; on these eight songs and six minutes they exist in?

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I went to Adelaide to record and play a show and reconnect with people who mean a bunch to me and others who could potentially, so that’s where i’ve been. It kinda stinks to be back home, but that’s expected.
Thursday: The boys – Girls’ Generation

Friday: Sorry Again – Velocity Girl

Saturday: Nauseous – Koro

Sunday: Order no. 270 – Calvary

Monday: Tripping wires – Velocity Girl

Tuesday: Do you love coffee? – Braid

I like how it begins with SNSD and then returns to things i shouldn’t be ashamed of. Less ashamed of. How i am when left alone vs. how i am when i’m with people. The correcting of company. Good company. Thank you, everyone.

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