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Parlez-vous français? – Art vs. Science

Coming home from work and watching Rage before i went to bed last night caused this piece of shit song to worm it’s irritating way into my head and remain there until this morning. It is, in my opinion, the absolute worst song i’ve posted here. I’ll try not to get too worked up about it because i have a feeling any discerning, truly hip young person (i.e. those that give me such a sense of inferiority) has already worked out how lame it is and there may already exist a campaign to overlook it and whatever scene Art vs. Science fit themselves into. But for those three and half minutes last night with this song in my face with every its violation immediate to my living room, ooh i was going to explode. It’s easy to ignore otherwise. I just won’t listen to the radio nor put myself in the way of ever seeing them live.

It is a song that sounds instantly dated, formed out of a collective delusion of what works in dance music and how one should produce it. Fake French and all just a few inconsequential lines can connote, slide whistle effects, the instrumentation, misguided enthusiasm for the party. Ick. I guarantee much is made of their use of live instruments to play these songs live, that it gives them a legitimacy and presence someone with a set of turntables or a laptop lacks – that it makes it ok for some to like it because instruments equal artistry.

I know i’m not the target audience for this, and probably will never be found in its targeted place of listening/experiencing, with the appropriate consumption of alcohol and inclination to party to extract any benefit from it, but i like to think if i were i’d still have the wherewithal to realise i’m in the worst, most backward club in the world, bored, feet cemented in place by the very music supposed to free them, surrounded by a bunch of raise-dem-beers losers who “get” this shit.

stolen kisses

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