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This time i know it’s for real – Donna Summer

With her passing a few days ago, i’ve been getting a lot of page hits for the one Donna Summer song i’ve posted here. That song is I Feel Love, and i’ve course i framed the whole thing through Giorgio Moroder’s production rather than anything Donna herself brought to it. A very rockist thing, it was probably just what i had in my mind the morning i wrote it, and anyone who came to it was probably just looking for the song and no input of mine. Regardless, i’ve been feeling pretty bad about it. What would that song be without that vocal line and everything it summons and rejoices. A bunch of blips and bloops (that’s too much the other way). So let this song and this post stand as the tribute i’d like for people stumbling their way here to find. The one i’d like to dedicate to her. Not one from her disco heyday, but still one of her best.

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I Feel Love

I feel love – Donna Summer

There is little more exhilarating than the quick-cutting archival footage of Giorgio Moroder swiveling in his studio chair to another piece of equipment, probably to do something really boring and pain-staking on it. I think i’d like to spend my life in a studio, but one with banks of humming machinery, not one sole computer, no matter how much it makes everything easier. Better me there than on the dance floor where these constructions are intended.

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