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내가 그럴려고 그러는건 아닌데 – Ego Function Error

No mp3 because i don’t think they’ve recorded yet. I could be wrong on that, but i’ve looked as hard as anyone has set out to do anything and came up with nothing. What i do have to subsist on, and how i found out about them, is through the below video:

I’m in love. My new favourite band. From South Korea, bratty as anything, they remind me of and excite me every bit as much as Tunabunny or some of the Slampt bands, but run through a more openly rock/soul/psych tone which the square in me would usually be against but here works so completely. They do a note perfect cover of Green Onions fer cryin’ out loud. And as always i’m here and they’re there, and while there are bands here that i love, oh man i wish i were there and amongst it. There’s another wider video of this show and showing some too cool for it people in the audience chatting away. I wish i could be there just to redress that. To give them as much due worship as is personally possible.

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