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I Used To Think

I used to think – Cars Can Be Blue

Prude time. I was so glad i was by myself the first time i listened to this album. It gets a little blue. Not so much this song. There’s swearing in it, but oh my there are some others on the album that give me the most imagine-if-my-mum-caught-me-listening-to-this blushing and self-reproach i’ve had since certain 2 Live Crew and Dennis Leary songs. I mean they’re really naughty. I was not prepared.

I won’t reprint them here as this is a G rated waste of internet space, but, like most things that dare to cross that line from the normal Bill Cosby album to the Adults Only Bill Cosby album, it’s insanely and unboundedly popular so you can find them easily. You’ve probably already heard them.

So Cars Can Be Blue. It’s a good thing, i guess. Redressing a lack of adult sexuality and desire in this kind of music, being so upfront about it. Maybe i had ought to grow up and into immaturity. There’s unfortunately some really dumb songs on there too that make me never want to listen to them again. If this remained the only Cars Can Be Blue song i had ever heard i never would have known. But it’s so good, how could i not search for more?

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