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Small – Still Life

I have such a clear and powerful memory of sitting on my floor in my bedroom in Wilberforce, listening to this song and it blaring out and emblemising every feeling and every realisation i had about my place in the world. That was over ten years ago. It still stirs everything, every bit as much.

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Empty Cage

Empty cage – Still Life

I shouldn’t feel the need to defend this from it ever being perceived as lower music. ?. I shouldn’t ever seek vindication over anything i love. An absolute: There is something beautiful here, by way of palm muting and octave chords, through the care, the hope, the intent, the ambition, the outpouring, the bearing, the clumsiness, the imperfection, the exposure, the eruptive expression of a bunch of guys – of friends. I always think i should double-dip From Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes and buy the 2xLP. I have always wanted to experience it turning over the record not once, not twice, but thrice, and bury myself in the larger inlay booklet. It is the kind of album you need that corporeal relation with. Those moments lying on my bed listening to it… No apology.

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