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Heaven In A Black Leather Jacket

Heaven in a black leather jacket – The 6ths

Remember when every second day here seemed to be a Magnetic Fields song? It was probably due to it being all we had/wanted to listen to in the car, and it’s the same now with the 6th’s Wasps’ Nests. We’re to lazy to change it and it’s a good thing to be stuck with. One of the best things Mr. Merritt has done. So i hope you don’t mind. Robert Scott from the Bats sings this one, but i’d never be able to pick it had it not said so on the back of the album.

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Yesterday: Summertime – The Sundays

Today: Dream hat – The 6ths

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Looking for love (in the hall of mirrors) – The 6ths

I remember reading in an interview that Stephin Merritt didn’t think Amelia Fletcher all that much of a singer. The then me thought “What! You’re crazy! She’s the best!” but now i think i see where he was coming from. It is perfect for what it is, and where it is in Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap songs, along with her millions of other guest appearances, but there’s a constraint in expressiveness when placed beyond that. She’s Amelia everywhere. Which i guess is exactly why she was chosen to be a 6ths singer.

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Who Can Tell?

Who can tell? – The Capitols

Hey everyone let’s listen to this perfect, lost song again. My effort to have it remembered.

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Puerto Rico Way

Puerto Rico way – The 6ths

I want to say this is my favourite 6ths song, but i’m pretty sure that’s wrong. Mark Robinson from Unrest, Air Miami, Flin Flon, other bands and Teenbeat was corralled to sing it, and it might be the closest thing to a style exploration on the album. This and Anna Domino’s Here In My Heart. It’s the repeat of the “Martina, will you dance with me” line that does it. I don’t know if a style exploration can rest on such a small thing, but let’s let it. The song seems to demand that the line repeats, and it duly complies, giving itself up to it, so that’s enough.

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Supermarket Forces

Supermarket forces – Subhumans

The English Subhumans this time, who are not that bad, though this song is from their reformation album so… be aware. And it’s a song that hits home with me, especially on a day like today where i have to work. Still. Detailing within 2 minutes nearly everything wrong with the conglomerate supermarket vampire machine, except for maybe worker exploitation (because i guess they don’t work for one) and primary producer exploitation (maybe because of that weird anti-farmer thing that seems entrenched in the British psyche). They are evil things. That’s of no surprise to most people, yet we let them stand; me giving up entire days of my life for them. Don’t use them. Don’t sign up for or get involved in anything they ask you to. Steal from them. Poop in their aisles (but then what has two thumbs and would have to clean that up? Yo). Burn them to the ground.

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Not Today

Not today – Henry’s Dress

The small, perfect touch in this song is that bass slide. All of these songs are of the Bust ‘Em Green LP for some reason. It was their only album, following the good band template of a few EP’s, split releases, an album, then breakup. And this is the first Henry’s Dress song i’ve posted that is sung by Matt, not Amy. I really don’t have a preference; they’re a perfect pairing. Here’s their attractive selves playing this, Target Practice and Winter ’94 in a record store somewhere, somewhen.

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