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Breaking up is hard to do – Neil Sedaka

In figuring out that Buddy Holly song yesterday i went through what seemed like a thousand other songs of its vintage trying to find it. Rock/R&B, male vocals, late 50’s/early 60’s – that’s the world i had to scour. Understandably, a lot of them stuck with me in my head throughout yesterday, and this song was there when i woke up today.

Neil Sedaka was actually my first guess for yesterday’s song. That’s how completely off track i was. I just don’t know my male vocalists. Give me female vocals, solo or group, and watch me turn into an encyclopaedia, but the male stuff i just don’t know. It probably says a lot about me, in who i want to listen to, who i’m susceptible to, whose stories and frame i set store by. That’s dumb.

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