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As usual i’ve missed a few days through work and such. What a busy, fulfilling life.

Tuesday, December 3rd: Run for help – The Chinkees

Wednesday, December 4th: Toho picture – Xeno and Oaklander

Thursday, December 5th: Don’t you want me – The Human League


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Blind Youth

Blind youth – The Human League

As much as i have come around to pre-Dare Human League, and adore concrete cities and highrise living, there will never be any love in me for that “Dehumanisation is such a big word/It’s been around since Richard III” line. It’s so terrible. Even allowing for the clumsiness of lyrics in a new music that had not yet developed the language it would speak through, even for the moody, alienated bedroom poetry it is, it is so bad, made more so by its place in the song as a rallying chorus. Who could bring themselves to sing along with that, no matter how much their own voice they find in it? Thank god they started singing stupid love songs.

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The Sound Of The Crowd – The Human League

Let this stand for every song on the album, and, in some perverse way, every song on every album the Human League released prior. This was the coolest thing in the world, once. If they were to have been the Human League in this time instead they still would have figured out how to be the coolest thing in the world.

last picture show

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The sound of the crowd – The Human League

This must have created some MGMT-like generational rift upon its release, right? What seems like middling, compromised, commercial, Top of the Pops crafted and directed rubbish comes off as the most exciting and revolutionary thing. Something for a new youth. Gloom and dystopia abandoned, two school girls recruited solely after seen dancing at a night club, instruments and effects streamlined and simplified for a new experiment, that stupid haircut kept. Though i like very much the rest, i’m finding i prefer Dare! to anything the Human League did before, or anything Heaven 17 did as a concurrence. This is my favourite song off it.

little girl who lives down the lane

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The Sound Of The Crowd

The sound of the crowd – The Human League

Ok! Pop music! Let’s Go! Anyone here like the Human League? Ok!

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