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Busy doing nothing – Love Is All

I could have seen Love Is All live. They toured here and i missed it. I am too far out of every conceivable loop. I keep tabs on nothing. I don’t know how to. Fucking… … …Rocketship could be playing tomorrow, next week, month, anytime, and i would have no idea. And if i were to miraculously stumble upon the news, it would be too late for me to get the time off of work, too inconvenient for me to get to. Word of mouth is worthless when you have no one to tell you a damned thing. The only way i find out about anything is if someone posts something on the (slowly dying) Yellow Ghost forums. I know all this information is out there, but i’m too much of a dunce to find it. I need people. I need people!

Anyway, they must have had a really good time because they’ve not been back.

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Last choice – Love Is All

Yesterday’s turning out of a Love Is All song turned into an all day listening spree that’s ongoing in my head. They’re such a great band, and with this new album due near the end of this month (and me after yesterday finally being aware of this fact) anticipation and avidity are at a high. I could actually pre-order it if i wanted. And get a free t-shirt. And suffer 180g vinyl. This is me, on the curve.

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Sea Sick

Sea sick – Love Is All

Love Is All is/are the high energy, high reverb, high fun, high working-your-way-through-young-adultdom pop band of our time. And i’m worried their star isn’t shining as brightly as it should, or at least as it used to. Not that i read, know, talk with or eavesdrop anything or anyone to actually be able to gauge with any accuracy that sort of thing. I just have a feeling – a feeling people have moved on, and i’m still here, not moved on, always. Maybe it is because they haven’t released anything in a while. Oh well, that will all change March 23rd!

The tempo change in this song, with the “ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba”, is a thing i like in music. Now you know.

annnnnnnnie halllllllllllll

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When Giants Fall – Love Is All

This is kind of a Christmas song, right? It has that rise during the chorus that makes me think it could pass for one. It’s a better one than Yakkity Sax, which through some annoying people at work has become the song of the season.

The songs on A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night fall neatly into three categories: the A side of the record, Wishing Well, and those songs that fall after Wishing Well. And this falls immediately after Wishing Well. It is unfortunate, because this is a really great song, but my enthusiasm for it is so coloured in its relation to its direct precedent on the record. No matter how great this is, it will always inescapably be a let down from the song before it. It is a perfect let down, though – gentle and settling, enough to resign you to go someplace else with Love Is All. Merry Christmas, dorks.

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