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Jennifer Juniper – Donovan

Punk rock (this is the broadest of broad umbrella punk rock) is the music i’ve concentrated most of my time and susceptibility towards. I like it, and find there enough substance to justify myself all this time i’ve spent with it. Also, i am too prudent and find it too safe there to send myself adrift, to permit myself to listen to anything else. The music form of “I don’t get out a lot.”

It is waning as i grow older and less apprehensive, but there is this dichotomy i find between punk rock, etc. and other music that i have and have probably already tried to describe above.

  • [One] Something i can call my own, that speaks to me, to which i’m impressionable, that i involve myself in with affinity. Something with apparent origin.
  • [Other] Something that exists. Exists distantly on radios, television, through DJ speakers, though commemoration. Something with public holding. Something indirect.

For the longest time my only receptive course for songs fitting that other – to familiar yet unfamiliar, canonical music – was through film soundtracks. To Wes Anderson movies, Wong Kar Wai, teen movies, etc. If a song was played to image it somehow became manageable for me. It is how i need songs i feel are beyond me to become comprehensible. And they obviously mean a lot to the filmmaker, featured in film with mixtape-like employment. Anyway, this song soundtracks the slight scene shot in 16mm in Election, where Tammy and Jennifer run through the city, through aquariums and parks. Sight and sound upholding one another with the kind of realisation film does best.

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