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I wouldn’t know what to do – The Honeydrips

This is such a wonderful song. The Honeydrips is Mikael from Dorotea’s post-Dorotea solo venture so of course it is great and of course i love it. It is not quite Dorotea for me – the songs are about four times as long, less political, more recognisably “good” and pleasant – but it is nice to have more out there from such a fantastic songwriter. Now that he has decided to end the Honeydrips, we need his next thing. It probably already exists. I just haven’t found it yet.

I think the Honeydrips might have actually been a successful act in Sweden. At least moderately so. I have no idea how to tell. It’s just every time i’ve gone searching for information on Dorotea what i have found has been framed in its juvenilic relation to the Honeydrips.

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