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Mismatched couples – Teresa Carpio

This is the theme to the Donnie Yen vehicle Mismatched Couples, which i watched last night. I don’t actually know it’s title but Hong Kong cinema convention says it as well is Mismatched Couples. It’s quite the movie. Directed by (and also co-starring) Yen Woo-ping, Donnie Yen’s martial arts expertise is funneled for the purposes of breakdancing, serving punks, winning hearts and living free, and the results are just as endlessly frenetic, exciting and playful as their other more genre-conventional action/martial arts collaborations. There is a scene where he plays tennis using the wheels of the BMX he is riding. Sold!

And this incredible song is on the soundtrack. Teresa Carpio had been in the business 10 years by this time, singing mostly ballads and Western cover songs in English, some of them appearing on other Hong Kong film soundtracks. Then 1985 happened, i guess hip hop had to hit the Hong Kong mainstream and she was given this song to do. And what a song. Who knew she could do this? The stabbing syllables of the Cantonese language work so perfectly in hip hop, and everything about it makes it seem there was no cooler place in the world in the mid-80’s than Hong Kong. Judging solely and misguidedly from their cinema, i tend to agree.

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