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Here’s the danger in having every band i could want available to me in mp3 form, downloading them on the regard they in the slightest way are made appealing through whatever tags or referenced bands the uploader uses, without a care to listen to them immediately, or ever. I am not as bad as some people though. The danger is there are songs on this computer that i have never heard, have no memory of downloading or recollection as to why i felt the need for them in my life in the first place. There will be a point (one i think i have already reached) where i feel i could stop and be content with all the music i know and live out the rest of my life with it. Then i waste early AM hours listening to unlistened to things and find so much previously unfamiliar that i now want to become wholly familiar with.

I’m sure i have heard this song before cursorily (itunes says so), but last night it came up through shuffle and, with due attention, it became the latest addition to the all too easily penetrable list of my favourite songs – a list i think i am going to have to clamp down a little more discrimination on. I know there’s something to cringe about here. I am fully aware. But it is the kind of song that plays and i just sit there, eyes closed, smiling, completely absorbed and content, allowing a small, personal delight to warm over me, neither happy nor sad but satisfied and on my way to somewhere. There’s the something to cringe about. Maybe the chorus isn’t so great, but the verse more than compensates for that. So does the quality of the recording. So who is this band? Why did i decide to download it? And is this even the real song title? The crucial question in this day of unreliable mp3 tagging.

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