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Married To A Frenchman

Married to a Frenchman – Polysics

Back when they were good. I cannot just say something like that anymore! What good has ever been done by some contrarian prude being on their high horse about that? It’s gross and of no use to anyone. But Polysics, the ever evolving, ever modifying machine they are, lend themselves to have their different versions preferred over others. I’m not sure what they sound like today, if they are still together, but this is how i met them and found everything i could ever want to latch on to. Surf synth new wave overdone to near unbearable levels and it was perfect.

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Black OUT Fall OUT

Black OUT Fall OUT – Polysics

I never realised it was uncool to like Polysics. I should have figured. They being Japanese and the unfortunate reality of the obsessiveness and blind, blanket enthusiasm certain things from that country attract, and the kind of people who are attracted to it, should have been a sign. But they were on Asian Man. Maybe that also should have been a sign. I think maybe Polysics scored a song on the soundtrack to DDR or some other Raiden/NBA Jam/Final Fight/Metal Slug/Galaga/Pinball evicting game, and that stirred something amongst nerds. Oh well. I like them. This is a really good song. Just never try to impress your cool friends with it.

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