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Anybody Else

Anybody else – Teen Idols

I don’t care. They were a great band and this is a great album. I’ve rejected (or have kept but kept it undisclosed to everyone) so much of who i am and what i liked fifteen years ago (aaaarrrggh?!), and lumped this in with what i wanted to shed, but listening to them a few days ago it still feels every bit as excellent. It’s not nostalgia. Reappraisal. Maybe this was one of the first cases of me being on to a good thing.

This is the only song on the album that exceeds two minutes, and does so by 10 seconds, all of it ringing out and feedback. It only is so long because of the breakdown towards the end, that only there to make the song seem grander and more appropriately the final song on an album. A very good album

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Genuine Whiskey Man

Genuine whiskey man – Teen Idols

There has sure been a lot of pop punk here recently. Anyway, this song could not possibly be further from my life and the square choices i’ve made on how i live it. I’ve always felt funny listening to it. Another ill measure to make me feel i don’t belong. But is it even close to the lives of the Teen Idols? I know they were punk and tough and all (they liner-notes thanked their lawyers for a reason), but at the same time they were so cartoony, so caricatured, so much play acting an image, it’s hard to tell how serious they were. I hope i don’t get beat up for this, but if i do at least i’ll know then how much the image fit the living.

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