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Good as gold – Betty and the Werewolves

I think i would be sad if Betty and the Werewolves broke up. But they may have already done so for all i know. Not a peep from them since their song on the 2010 Christmas Time Approximately compilation, which sounded like an incomplete band bedroom recording. They may be still playing shows, but those shows are very far away from me even if they are happening. I hope for more from them because i have absolute certainty that it will be fantastic. Two years is a long time to go without contact. Just ask my mother. I should give her a call. Betty and the Werewolves should release more songs.


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Tu veux jouer – Betty and the Werewolves

I excuse this piece of poorly pronounced, fake-French for enchanting, cultured effect. Just this once. I can’t think of any other music things i liked that were released this year, though i’m sure they exist. I’m open to others’ preferences and suggestions. Very open. Desperately open.

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Werewolves – Betty and the Werewolves

Comet Gain’s Howl Of The Lonely Crowd and Tunabunny’s Minima Moralia. The Girls Names LP, but that is mostly because it exceeded my expectations from here-we-go unenthusiastic caution to the surprisingly good so i guess it counts. Football, etc.’s The Draft. The No Action 7″ and Bloodclot Faggots 7″, the Cassolette stuff even though it’s digital, the Wild Flag LP even though i haven’t heard it yet, the Tangle demo. The Vivian Girls album released this year was probably the best thing they’ve ever done, so why don’t i like it more? Skinny Girl Diet. Colour Me Wednesday. Any band i like who released something this year. Everything from South East Asia, but especially Annemarie. The Brave Irene EP. The Groove Farm discography was my favourite thing of old things re-released. John Henry West number two. I should leave this to the professionals.

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Good As Gold

Good as gold – Betty and the Werewolves

Where is my Teatime Favourites of this year? Last December, although i had to think hard about it or be reminded through other people’s lists, i had three albums that i could comfortably list as my favourites of the year: Teatime Favourites, Grass Widow’s Past Time and Shrag’s Life! Death! Prizes!. This year i have no idea. I’ll probably have to filter through others’ lists again and either be reminded of or learn what was released in 2011. The Royal Headache LP, but as objectively great as that record is they are my friends so it is a little weird. The Veronica Falls LP. Las Robertas. Nothing as immediately fantastic as last year. I don’t know. I’ll tell you all in January. February. 2013.

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Plastic – Betty and the Werewolves

The b-side to the record that features yesterday’s song as its a-side. And they were both brought part and parcel again to opposing sides of the LP. Hmmm. Nevermind. I don’t know what this song is about. Liking plastic or dronely surrendering to a plastic world, i think. Wanting to have pieces of plastic sewn into one’s face. I get that much. Emily sings this one.

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David Cassidy – Betty and the Werewolves

I don’t know how old Betty and the Werewolves are (age is something hard to gauge in indie pop circles), but it seems so anachronous for them to have a song idolising David Cassidy. It seems a song one of their parents should have written. But let’s not be naive: What’s anachrony in this day? The Partridge Family complete on DVD, scans of Tiger Beat, his music, his merchandise, the pre-laid path of fanaticism, all readily available.

It is probably just excellent research and judgement, scouring all possibilities from all ages for a heartthrob and landing at David Cassidy. I would land very close to Susan Dey if i were to go on a similar search (and land closer still to Danny Bonaduce scouring for the world’s biggest creep). Is it a crush that extends to the middle-aged, still performing, Celebrity Apprentice contestant David Cassidy of today? The David Cassidy still adored by his fans grown up? Unless this song is about another David Cassidy. Why don’t bands include lyric sheets with their records anymore?! Grrr. I love this band.

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Paper Thin

Paper thin – Betty and the Werewolves

My favourite song on one of my favourite records released last year. My… third favourite album of last year. It is a song i love so much that i bought its single twice in a blind desperate quest to own everything i could by this band. Fact: If you own the album, you own everything. I don’t have the heart to take issue with them the waste that every song, b-side and a, they’ve released on singles are found issued duplicately on the album. Oh well. Apart from that, there could not be a more perfect band for me than this.

I plan on using my extra copy to make friends.

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