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Wake Up

Wake up – Eye Candy

Here is their bad follow up single. Who does this sound like? Or does it just fall under an umbrella of boring synth alterna-rock? Muse? 30 Seconds To Mars? U2? Every other Korean band. I’ve lost touch. Thankfully the show ended with them playing Jaywalking and not this. Not looking towards a future where this song held the blandness of what they could be, but backwards to where they began and what made them want to do this in the first place.

This video frames Soo-ah poorly imo.

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Jaywalking – Eye Candy

The last episode airs tonight and oh what an unceasingly great thing it has been. I’ll have to wait for subtitles though, so… uh, hurry up, guys. You wonderful, selfless people. This should now be considered Eye Candy’s old song, as their record company (yes… as if it could be any other way) just allowed them to release their follow up single. I wish they hadn’t. I wish the band’s internal troubles and either side’s not knowing how to deal with the other – the square peg them into the round hole music industry – put a put a permanent hold on the release of this new one.

It, Wake Up, is a very boring [insert bland band who sounds like this] song that completely retrogresses the energy, fun and ungroomedness of this first song. I’m not here for the music, but this is not the direction i wish these boys would have taken/been pushed into. It suits the wreckage sprawled around the show, though: The song stinks, relationships are on the verge of crumbling, no one is happy. Wake Up plays into that by being just as heartbreakingly not what i want as the tumult these kids are going through. A fantastic show. It could end however – the band being successful and somehow working together in that industry, or just walking away – and i would not care. As long as they stay together, as a band or not. And Woo-kyung finds a happiness.

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