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Bait and Switch

Bait and switch – The Shins

So this is the Shins. This song was given to me on a mix CD. I promised i’d review it but like a lot of the songs on it i can’t think of anything to say. Or at least anything nice. How does anyone connect with this? I know a lot of people do, so how? It is to me just so bland, and anything it does to appear less bland are just really apparent reaches for that. Am i wrong? I am wrong. I don’t hate it, it just exists in a world away from me where i can’t form any connection to it. Now it has been brought to me and i feel i have to. I like how the chorus just rises and falls back, but like nothing that is apart of that chorus nor what it falls back to. That “I’m just a simple man…” line really irks me for some reason. What else?

So, correct people, what constructive things can i say about this? What praise should i lay on it? What would you like to hear if you sent this song to a person? Ugh. I wish i had never met it.

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