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Love Batteries

Love batteries – For Science

This probably sounds too ridiculous to be true, but our singer and my friend John Slover had an acid freakout which led him to pack up his stuff and move to New Orleans on a complete whim without telling anyone, then continue on to Hawaii. I doubt we’ll be able to play any kind of last show due to the circumstances, at least not anytime soon, and I know that kinda sucks.

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Nothing Constant

Nothing constant – For Science

I listened and played along to this album yesterday and had such a fun time, just me and my guitar in the room in which i make noise. They were such a great band, and i’m not sure how they are going to be remembered, if at all. One of the best of that last decade’s batch of pop punk bands. Maybe the best. Sloppy, fun, never generic, one minute songs, raspy, screamed, yet always melodic and in tune vocals, piano songs, acoustic songs (like this one), songs with parts we’ve all been conditioned to never imagine in pop punk, all of them just so simple, poppy and perfect. It is a special kind and a very direct way of feeling good for me, listening to For Science.

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Brains vs. Balls

Brains vs. Balls – For Science

Speaking of excellent recent-wave, genre-love affirming pop punk bands, here’s For Science. And speaking of short-lived, fruitful, reasonably priced distros, i bought this from Lawrence when he used to be into music that we all liked. It was one of two CDs (the other the Christie Front Drive/Boys Life split) i brought on Rebekah’s and my road trip to Brisbane that time, so we got to know it pretty intimately. It’s an excellent album but i wish i had brought more. I don’t know what we’re going to do when we head off to Canberra and other places in a few weeks with a broken car stereo.

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