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Roam – The B-52’s

Is it time for me to reconsider the post-Ricky Wilson B-52’s? A lot is palpably missing, but the two most perfectly matching voices to ever be paired in music remain, and they’re still that wonderfully singular band in the overwhelming muck of the music industry. The B-52’s as a band working past an incredibly tragic event and creating, while not a patch on their earlier stuff, still an OK album and their biggest commercial success. I should actually listen to it more rather than resting my experience of it based on this song and that other one coming at me at social places i’d rather not be.

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Friday, June 7th:
Naze? no arashi – Yoshizawa Akie

Saturday, June 8th:
Song for a future generation – The B-52’s

Sunday, June 9th:
Boys in town – The Divinyls

Monday, June 10th:
Jock gestapo – Born Against

Tuesday, June 11th:
Lucky star – Madonna

Thus ends another semester of treading water and pushing the where i want to be (or where i should already be at this pathetic stage of my life) to even further unreachable unknowns. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday today. She’s a babe.

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52 Girls

52 Girls – The B-52’s

The B-side to the greatest debut single ever released. Though their recent pollings indicate they should not be trusted with anything, Triple J actually did a J file on this very topic and number one was deservedly taken by Rock Lobster/52 Girls. So if i wanted to source that first sentence i could, but no, i can’t, it’s my opinion, and one i hold ardently.

It’s mostly a good list (numbers 1, 8, 12, 13, 14, 16, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 35). Maybe because it wasn’t listener fed. I remember listening to the broadcast with people calling up suggesting Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Pearl Jam and Nirvana songs that just didn’t fit in with the concept of the list. Well, they finally got their say last Sunday.

And how long i held on to the A-side without turning the record over. There was this thing about me where i thought knowing Rock Lobster and Private Idaho was all the familiarity with the B-52s i needed. I have no idea why i thought their remaining catalogue was dispensable, most without even a listen. Why i would think the band who wrote THE greatest song and another that ranks highly in pursuit would not have just one other song worth experiencing is beyond me. Maybe too many subjections to Love Shack.

I am glad i got over it, because everything they did before Ricky Wilson died is fantastic. This song! Cindy and Kate’s voices! I stayed up all one night last week watching grainy, low contrast footage of the B-52’s at one of their earlier shows on youtube, too overwhelmed to sleep, and made completely thankful a document like that exists. To be in that crowd. One of the world’s best ever bands. I don’t think there exists a Triple J poll to source that claim.

voice of the nightingale

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