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Japanese whale meat commercial – R.E.M.

Not really. This is Chris Morris on an episode of his radio programme he did for Radio 1 in 1994. Funny guy. Even though i knew who i was listening to, the context set, i still feel like kind of an idiot for believing it real those moments i did. You got me. I’m sure i’m not the only one. It is just so note-perfect in its parody. It has every hallmark of a 90’s R.E.M. song save a mandolin, and the best Michael Stipe impersonation i’ve ever heard. That echo on “Cut-a cut it’s blubber up” – perfect.

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This weekend it was my girlfriend’s birthday, and i had friends coming in from interstate, a punk festival, other things i should have gone to and band practice, so i’ve not been near a computer for three days. It felt good. So let’s play catch up. Three incredible songs. Well two incredible songs and one note-perfect parody from Chris Morris.

Friday: Rub my face in the carpet – F.Y.P.

Saturday: Do you always dress like that in front of other people’s boyfriends – Mambo Taxi

Sunday: Japanese whale meat commercial – R.E.M.

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