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Maggie May

Maggie May – Rod Stewart

What’s with these songs lately? I know sometimes i say i’ve never heard a song properly, yet still somehow find it lodged in my head, but i have genuinely never heard this song beyond the ten seconds that they play on those Time Life commercials late at night (although now they seem to be on earlier than ever). It’s ever so annoying, ten seconds of a song played then cutting to Belinda Carlisle or the guy from REO Speedwagon commenting blanketly and arbitrarily “Wow, what a great song!”, yet it doesn’t detract one bit from how addictive these infomercials are. I’ve never been so close to buying something off the TV.

The songs are obviously played to the limit of copyright permissibility. That is something i’ve ignored and should probably be reprimanded harshly and outreageously for by posting the whole song here. And there i go, admitting guilt. If Rod Stewart would like me to take this down, please have him contact me. It is not like a song such as this needs to be posted. It’s already in the world’s collective conscious, the song and all memory of it come rushing back just by mention of title alone.

Anyway, it was fun to hear this song for once in full. It’s good. It has a mandolin. Who would have thought?

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