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Hello – Potbelleez

Well hasn’t this been one crappy week. TV show themes, a song i didn’t want to deal with, and a day i almost gave up. And now a song i only know through its use as a station ID for the digital channel GO!. Well great. It’s nice channel 9 could find a cheap enough song featuring the lyric “GO!” to use constantly for station promos. Some entrepreneuring person should write a catchy, of-the-times song replete with “GO”s ready for when channel 9 decide to tweak their station’s image and need a new promo. Royalty cheque, ahoy.

When we actually get a signal, GO! is my source for Bewitched, Community and Seinfeld cropped to the wrong aspect ratio. Unfortunately those times we do get the channel it’s usually just in time for a Two and a Half Men or The Big Bang Theory marathon. Ugh. TV. I watch too much. It’s just not healthy.

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