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New #2

New #2 – Avail

I woke up New #2 instead. I think this song is actually about a long-distance relationship that doesn’t work, so there’s that. Like i need this. Sigh. Although i think maybe the relationship in the song wasn’t working well before the split, so i can divorce it from this experience on that. It might not be about that at all and i’m skewing everything my own sadsack way. Yes. I’m not going to be much fun.

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She’s A Lady

She’s a lady – Pulp

This wasn’t the song in my head this morning. It was Henry’s Dress’ The Way She Goes, but i wanted to do something nice and honour the song that was in my girlfriend’s head for a change, as though to keep something of her here, to evince her wonderful, wonderful effect on me. I’m a wreck. I’m going to try and force my mind into singing Woke Up New by the Mountain Goats as i wake up tomorrow because i cannot think of a more appropriate song for how i feel right now.

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Rendez-vous – Stéphanie

Because she is leaving tomorrow and i’ve often asked her to do this for me, today’s special guest BLOGGGGGGGER is my girlfriend. It was her first time hearing it (i think) and it was under duress:

“I don’t know! It’s a good song. La la la. Lalalalalala la la. I think we’re alone now… You should have done that for today. I like that song.”

I am going to miss you so much.

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Gee – Girls’ Generation

As if fulfilling a prophecy, following destiny to an inescapable end, this song is now my ring tone – something that caused no small amount of embarrassment when it went off while i was waiting in the Korean consulate office with my girlfriend last week.

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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon delight – Starland Vocal Band

“…does not seem like it would be that dirty…”

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Si Belle Et Inutile

Si belle et inutile – Lio

This is one of the songs that was not re-recorded for Suite Sixteen, even though it is one her best. I don’t really mind though. The further in i sink, the more Suite Sixteen seems like a dispensable novelty. It was the first stuff of Lio’s i (and i imagine a lot of other people) ever heard, and will always hold place in my heart because of that, but what is it: The Sage Comme Une Image and Mona Lisa singles and some anglicised hits with inferior Sparks production. And it doesn’t even have this song! I’m going to listen to it now.

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The Almondy Many

The almondy many – Poundsign

This song and the entire EP reminds me of the first time i finally made it up to a friend of mine’s bedroom after spending so much time relegated to other parts of his house. Going through his records – something i’d long wanted to do – being blown away by what i found, and then stumbling upon this oddity among his emo and indie rock repository. I owned this record. I would never admit to him i did let alone how much it meant to me, but there it was, with him, the wimpiest record in his collection and maybe the beginning of a slide into indie pop i was already well on.

And he loved it. We bonded over it. I’m not sure if it still means anything to him as it does me, but it was the most heartening thing in the world finding we had arrived at the same point through differing, discrete, undisclosed paths. The things we’re ashamed of and keep hidden from friends…

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