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Number 9

Number 9 – T-ara

Their new single, and being the T-ara stan i am i’ve been listening to it obsessively since. I don’t have the proclivity for shame to make my own youtube MV reaction video yet, so i will just say here that i like it very much, it’s a step up from Sexy Love, but it’s not breaking away from the Shinsadong Tiger disco beat synth pattern they seem stuck in. I guess it makes sense not to. It’s worked in the past and the climate surrounding them as it is, maybe it’s better to play things safe. And they’re back to 6 members, like the past few years and all the things that lead to the climate surrounding them never happened. Pop music can do that. In the shuffledown, Qri and Boram now get somewhat significant parts which is great. The English use in the “I’m addict” breakdown and the repeated “Number 9” voice i could do without, but the chorus is great, the whole thing flows as well as anything, and it’s just so good to have them back and working.

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Jeon Wol Diary

Jeon Wol diary – T-ara N4

T-ara N4 is just T-ara as a 4 person subunit, with Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon and Areum. So my three favourite members and Areum, who would have still been Hwayoung if not for that unpleasantness. So transfiguratively, my four favourite T-ara members. I don’t know what the other three (no it’s four now, isn’t it?) are doing in this meantime but i don’t think they need something as great as this to help illustrate their superfluity. It is basically just a T-ara song done without them.

They have such an impossible hill to climb to get back to where they were. Not musically, but public image-wise. It makes me happy they’re still shoving themselves in people’s faces and trying to win back some of what they had. The outrage over what happened has gone on so long and to such ridiculous lengths that the people who still hold vindictiveness to them a) have no lives, b) would have stirred the same amount of scandal and rumour no matter what they did, and c) will never forgive T-ara anyway, so what is the point of kneeling to them? I wish some of the things they say were true, because it doesn’t matter and honestly it would be cooler if they were all iljins in high school. Just please keep releasing music.

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Roly Poly

Roly poly – T-ara

Yup. Was there ever a time i posted good music here? Not the music that isolation from corrective nudging and shaming by others and too much time on the internet warps me into thinking is good. I mean music other people might enjoy. Music that might colour me as someone whose company other people might enjoy.

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Lovey Dovey

Lovey dovey – T-ara

Jeon Boram! Lee Qri! Park Soyeon! Ham Eunjung!
Park Hyomin! Park Jiyeon! Ryu Hwayoung! GO GO!
Boss of the kids, T-ara!
Chameleons of the entertainment industry!
Lovey-Dovey T-ara!
T! A! RA! GO!

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Roly Poly

Roly poly -T-ara

I’m a few months late on this, but poor T-ara. They were my favourite group, and to combat the reactionary nonsense that followed Hwayeong (who was my second favourite member behind Hyomin) being kicked out, they still are. I do still love them, but i don’t like being drawn into contest and taking sides, which is what anything about T-ara seems to be about now. I don’t like my fandom becoming polemic, and i don’t like dumb, vindictive, baseless shit colouring my approach to music, but i can’t shake either. T-ara are performing in Indonesia at the moment, and don’t think they’ll escape more scorn as fans there perpetuate an internet-learned appropriateness of how K-pop fans are meant to be, think, and hold prejudices.

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Wednesday, July 11th:
Don’t wait up for me – The Beat

Thursday, July 12th:
El sueño de mi vida – Cola Jet Set

Friday, July 13th (ooooh):
Apple is A – T-ara

Saturday, July 14th:
Like a secret – Jawbreaker

Sunday, July 15th:
Alone – Sistar

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Bo Peep Bo Peep

Bo peep bo peep – T-ara

I can’t believe this song hasn’t come up before. This song was released as a single. In fact, it is the T-ara single. If they are to be remembered for anything, it will be for this song, and the anyone-can-do-it hand dance it was packaged with. It became one of those fixtures, social, cultural. That youtube concert is on right now. T-ara aren’t performing, but if they were, rest assured this would be be among the two or three songs they’d do, regardless of how old it is and how much they’ve done since then. Sistar are performing Alone right now. I’m needed there.

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Bye Bye

Bye bye – T-ara

Let’s write this before the day is out. Non-crucial, non-single, album track by T-ara that finds life beyond the album serving as bumper music for their numerous homebrand variety/reality shows, of which i will watch every single one they make.

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왜 이러니 – T-ara

It has been a while between K-Pop songs. They used to come thicker than this. Should i be worried? Maybe because there really hasn’t been much released recently that i’ve liked. Or released at all. Touch, yes, and Lovey Dovey but that was months ago. Hmmm. I have very fond memories of waiting in line for a pirate ship ride and this song playing just as blaringly loud as it needs to be. That ride operator was such a nice guy.

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I Go Crazy Because Of You

I go crazy because of you – T-ara

T-ara are in Paris at the moment. That moment my have passed by now, though. Fly in, rehearse, perform, visit the Eiffel Tower, fly out. At least they can sleep on the plane. Maybe. They were there for the Music Bank K-Pop Festival à Paris along with SNSD, SHINee, SISTAR, U-Kiss, Beast, 4Minute, 2PM. The French get T-ara. I’d rather go to Paris than Sydney as well.

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