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Big Take Over

Big take over – Bad Brains

This is in no doubt the rubiest stance to have, but my opinion of the Bad Brains has forever been shaped by their chapters in the Dance of Days book. Yes, they were for a while an incredible band but like those chapters on them they just got unbearable as they went along. Reading amazing, inspiring chapters on revolution summer, Positive Force, riot girl, the Nation of Ulysses, etc. and then between them returning to the ongoing decent into reggae, homophobia, breakup after breakup, money problems, police problems, and questionable mental attitudes of the Bad Brains, it became too unbearable.

But we don’t have to live with that. We can pick and choose, ignore and filter what we want of these bands. Keep personality out of it. Ignore abject divergences. Keep them perfect as they at one time were. Keep the Bad Brains to the three chords in the turnaround before this song gets going.

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