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바람아 멈추어다오 – 이지연

This is the same song as yesterday, so don’t get marginally less excited. I’m leaving it in Hangeul because honestly i don’t know what the title should be translated. Wind and stop, but “wind, stop blowing,” “the wind stopped” or “the wind stopped it all.” Or none of the above. Ho hum. Also i’m going to post a video of her singing this instead of writing anything else about it today.

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Wind, Stop Blowing

바람아 멈추어다 – Lee Ji-yeon

I’m not sure of the translation. Lee Ji-yeon was Kim Wan-seon’s main rival in the late 80’s Korean pop world, or so i’ve heard. And that’s about the limit of what i’ve heard. It’s a hard thing finding information on older K-pop. Maybe if i could read Korean, and build up the courage to negotiate the buggy, ad-ridden nightmare that is the Korean internet, but even then i’m not sure i would get more than “my dad/mum used to play this all the time.” While that is all very fine and informative and heartening, because what more do you need to know about music other than it meant something to people, i would like to know maybe a little more about these songs that float my way and excite me so. Oh, i’ve also learned that they were both really pretty.

Of course there is information out there, but this morning i can only work with what i know. So to settle on this Lee Ji-yeon/Kim Wan-seon rivalry – that no further information on either is worth surfacing or discussing – i go with Kim Wan-seon. To move beyond it though, beyond one camp or the other, beyond championing one to forsake all others, Lee Ji-yeon is another rewarding part of a very rich, very exciting time in music (and i suppose nationhood as well). I think this song was her biggest hit. It’s such a gentle thing.

There is something else about her to be found on the internet. In 1999 she moved to Atlanta, attended a prestigious culinary school and now runs and is head chef at a very successful, very decorated Korean barbeque restaurant. What a life. I guess that’s the kind of success that maybe be due to someone with dreams and the determination and capacity to see them through. That’s what they say…

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