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Bruce Springsteen needs the workers but the workers don’t need Bruce Springsteen – Crucial Unit

Bruce! Crucial Unit always seemed too close to metal, the vocals too much monosyllabic on the beat banshee shrieks, the songs too ploddingly, traditionally structured and long for my tastes. Of course that is a taste nearly ten years old and of course they rule, those things above being the point of the band. The thrash revival needed a band like Crucial Unit.

Doesn’t this claim completely miss the point and narrow the effect of music, defining need not by essentiality but monetary benefit. It sounds good, Crucial Unit were not the first to say it, and i’m sure Bruce Springsteen is a very rich man, but i think the value of Bruce Springsteen to many people, working class or otherwise, is a measure of importance too great to deny it as necessity. It comes off as privileged classism, dismissing the very real pleasure and support gained, showing a prejudice for the kind of lives it affirms, and those living them.

Yes the music industry makes billions of ill-portioned dollars off us rabble, yes it can be distracting and pacifying, yes it is an industry concerned with myth making and perpetuating, but moments, memories, hopes, dreams, lives are shaped by what it produces. We need and are better off for that. Maybe. Until the revolution comes.

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