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Today: Pain – Die Kreuzen

Yesterday: Mugo n Iroppoi – Kudo Shizuka

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Get ‘Em

Get ’em – Die Kreuzen

God the vocals on this. And they only get more insane as the album goes on. This is song number seven; there are twenty all up. It’s though the whole thing was recorded in sequence and in one take; the scratches in his voice routing deeper and deeper until the last song, No Name, is just a double-tracked, indecipherable, screeching mess of splinters. I bounce between the album and the Cows and Beer 7″ in preference, but it always comes back to these vocals. The greatest US hardcore album of the 80’s.

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Pain – Die Kreuzen

One day i might come around to liking the things they did beyond the first album. Not even the first album, but the way those songs appear on the Cows and Beer EP and their demo. And that video of them performing on a Wisconsin public access station, which is up there with the Seige video in terms of miracle artefacts of punk worming its way on to archived material beyond the records, tapes, photographs and videos of homegrown production.

I’ll post it below, but not before saying that this is the best early American hardcore song written. Counter me with better examples, but i’ll probably say “yeh that’s really good as well but…” because i’m very much convinced i’m right.

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