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Fertile Crescent

Fertile Crescent – Great Plains

I like to think that this song exists for two reasons: 1) To have a slower song in their repertoire, and 2) to have an excuse to use the wet-finger-on-rim-of-a-crystal-glass effect on the organist’s organ. Or a third: Great Plains had such a beautiful, dreamlike song in them so they just wrote it. It fits so perfectly on the album, as some astral respite from the breathless whirlwind of the other songs. What a band…

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Dick Clark

Dick Clark – Great Plains

I had to help my mum move out of our old home today, so that is why this is so late. A big day, and Great Plains’ Dick Clark was in my head at the beginning of it. Writing these every day, it’s a lot less of a diary than it could be. These songs are just songs. They indicate nothing of what i do, where i go, and how i feel during the days they begin. This song has no link to what we did today, other than today we left permanently the house where i first heard it.

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Hall Of Shame

Hall of shame – Great Plains

Another great song from that great album by this great band, Great Plains. I like the slower ones as well. They’re all great.

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Fool That Set It Off

Fool that set it off – Great Plains

Maybe my favourite song off an album that should have a share of the esteem of Zen Arcade, Let It Be, Double Nickels on the Dime, Murmur, and others, but for many reasons doesn’t. Well, no, my favourite song will always be Time To Name The Dog but this song needs as much height as i can give it. It is perfect. It’s such a whirlwind thing, starting as breathlessly as it finishes; an amusement park ride in song, the fairground organ adding to that. Every band needs an organ.

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Letter to a fanzine – Great Plains

Yes! Why do punk rock guys go out with new wave girls? The pertinent question of 1986. The pertinent question of any age. Though this is an once great and hilarious song, it is pushed and commemorated on compilations, lists and mixes and as coverings as the only Great Plains song in existence. Its gimmickry and how easily that stuff sticks works against it. I am here to say the whole album is fantastic, one i consider to be one of the greatest of all time, and one worthy of anyone’s time and want of exploration.

So like a square, this is the song that comes up. Because i’m a moron baby i can’t hear this song outside of Naked at the Buy, Sell, and Trade, as though it taints me in some way. Without the songs around it it is like i’m a newjack waiting at a show for the band to play their one hit song, screaming for it to happen, going nuts with my crew as it’s happening, leaving after it’s happened. I can’t have that. Ho hum. Time To Name The Dog was the song that first got me into this band. Ho-er hum-er. Don’t ever talk to me. There’s no enjoyment, credibility or insight to be gained from it, ever.


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