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A song with those lyrics – A girl with a guitar

I really hate when this happens. Today’s song i think begins with but at least contains the lyrics: “I’ve got grass on my knees and i am cold still.” It is one female voice and one probably acoustic guitar. Upbeat and among that indie pop mess. An American band, or maybe even Australian. From some place where the image of cut grass is a very real, evocative thing. That doesn’t seem a very British thing, i’m sorry.

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Nothing there

There was nothing there this morning. Absolutely nothing. I was really weird and disturbing. No matter how hard i tried, nothing. Rather than cheat and make something up, i’ll leave it as nothing. Ugh.

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I’ll Never Find It

I’ve spent the last five hours going through my computer listening to the first five seconds of over 5,000 songs to find this one in particular in my head but unidentified. And there are another 15,000 to go, and i’m going to give up and call this day a bye. I know if i heard the song i could identify it, but not yet, and the possibility that it could be the next one that has propelled me onwards today is wearing thin and i have to go to work soon. I’m sure it would have been worth it had i been able to find it. There are too many songs. I’ll post the song i gave up my search on, just to do something, and because it’s a great song:
Manmade – Spirit Assembly

How did you spend your day today?..

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i don’t know

A song i don’t know – It sounds like a 90’s band.

This happens sometimes. There are too many songs out there. This unidentified one goes dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun and then a bent guitar note in the most 90’s, alternative way possible. The drums are slack, the guitars are distorted. It could be a song by the Breeders. Or someone. I’ll never find out.

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la lala laaaaaa

I can’t source this song, but i think it’s the children’s chorale song that plays during the home movie scenes of childhood nostalgia in Chuck & Buck. La lala laaaaa. La lala laaaaaa. La la lala etc. It’s such a great and underrated movie. Did it even get a release here? It seems completely forgotten about. No one has uploaded any video of it to youtube for me to link to. Oh well, this is a recommendation for you to watch it, if you can find it. If you can’t, you can borrow my copy.

L-R: buck; chuck

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I don’t know.

Yeah, i don’t know. It’s a summery kind of song and has this repeating guitar line, with what i want to say is a… warm guitar, with an accompanying falsetto “do dododo do do do.” Tabbed thus:


It’s an old song. I want to say it’s a Recovery-era song, but i think every song is a Recovery-era song because that’s the only time in my life i was keeping up with newly released music. It’s sounds like late Dinosaur Jr. It’s not, though. Oh well. A song lost. The following image is from a movie called The American Astronaut.

am astro

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Some song i don’t know.

It’s a dub, ska or reggae song – the genre no doubt a mislabeled one but a mislabeling that is of no concern to the white kids who wrote this song, putting down their obvious, proprietal, discipled boy guitar rock compulsions to play Rastafari a while – and it’s a really bad one. It goes some thing like: “You’re not. n-n-ja n-n-ja n-n-ja n-n-ja Yoooooooooouuuuuuu’re not. n-n-ja” etc. That’s the chorus i think. It sounds in my head something horrible, like Downfall or someone. I don’t care if i never find out. I think it’s best it is lost to poor recollection.


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