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Get Me

Get me – Dinosaur Jr.

Tangentially related (no?! here?!), but i saw Sebadoh last Wednesday night and they were really good. I haven’t had my mind made up by that chapter in Our Band Could Be Your Life on which band i like more, but i think my endless support of the underdog may sway it to Lou Barlow’s side. Tiffany Anders sings the backing vocals on this song and, as well as a great musician in her own right, she’s the daughter of Allison Anders. Fun facts.

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The Wagon

The wagon – Dinosaur Jr.

Another of those skateboard video soundtrack bands. Really? The amount of time in my life i been aware of Dinosaur Jr. and the music they make, it seems strange to finally have been enlightened and captivated by it now, recently, through completely divergent avenues than the exposure they’ve had to me for something like 15 years. I’m ready to take them in. It took some recontextualising, that’s all. From random videos on Rage to soundtracking skate video parts, from triple J hottest 100 compilation appearances to mixtape appearances, from an entity to a band people exhort, from staple alternative band to punk rock risk and experiment. From a band of nullius filius to ex-Deep Wound. Maybe that last one doesn’t work so much. It takes time with me, time i always wish i had already spent with and not wasted without. This is my favourite Dinosaur Jr. song.

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