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NU ABO – f(x)

I don’t know my blood type. Is that so crazy? Everyone i’ve admitted it to seems to think so, but i think i might be admitting it to doctor-goers and people who place too much stake in fate and blood type’s hand in it. Secretly i hope i’m type B (just like Kawai Sonoko) but more so i hope never to find out, to never need to find out.

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I tell you it’s been kinda liberating. I could have easily followed this slippery slope and completely given up on this thing, but, i don’t know, there’s this compulsion i have to it. And it’s really only for me. But now we’re settled, we have internet, school is on a mid-semester break, so i’ll continue.

Tuesday, March 19th
Bad for good – Jim Steinman

Wednesday, March 20th
Keiko no namida – Nishimura Tomomi

Thursday, March 21st
Bored teenagers – The Adverts

Friday, March 22nd
Superman – Look & Listen

Saturday, March 23rd
Playdough – The Aquabats

Sunday, March 24th
Opposite horizons -Managra

Monday, March 25th
Mismatched couples – Teresa Carpio

Tuesday, March 26th
Head gone astray – The Soup Dragons

Wednesday, March 27th
Sputnik mon amour – Band a Part

Thursday, March 28th
Ice cream – f(x)

Friday, March 29th
Ready to go – Look & Listen

Saturday, March 30th
Aishuu no Carnival – Kawai Sonoko

Sunday, March 31st
Cuttie pie – L’Trimm

Monday, April 1st
Guess i should’ve kicked his head in – The Haywains

Tuesday, April 2nd
Wakasugita koi – Moritaka Chisato

Wednesday, April 3rd
Arashi no yoru no serenade – Kudo Shizuka

Thursday, April 4th
Manly – Camperdown and Out

Friday, April 5th
The morning fog – Kate Bush

Saturday, April 6th
West Riding House – Boyracer

Sunday, April 7th
Nemo – Assfactor 4

Monday, April 8th
I don’t suppose i’ll get a second chance – Another Sunny Day

Tuesday, April 9th
Miss Candy Twist – Dolly Mixture

Wednesday, April 10th
Fushigi TOKYO Cinderalla – Saint Four

Thursday, April 11th
On the spines of old cathedrals – Shrag

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Monday, July 16th:
All that she wants – Ace of Base

Tuesday, July 17th:
My son – Sicko

Wednesday, July 18th:
Tonight – Kim Wan Sun

My goal here this holiday is to find her records so i can actually have decent recordings to listen to, and put up here if she comes into my head again. She will.

Thursday, July 19th:
Electric shock – f(x)

Friday, July 20th:
ハートのIgnition – Fukunaga Satomi

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NU ABO – f(x)

I read on some reputable K-Pop fansite not completely devoted to mundane fanservice that this is the only really great f(x) song. I think they may be right, and i say that in commisseration. f(x) are the perfect group – everything is where and as it should be. They should have better songs. The best songs. Here’s where i come in and…

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NU ABO – f(x)

Math rock. So my birthday song for the year 2011 is f(x)’s NU ABO. I can’t think of a better song to mark this time in my life. The absolute best Kpop song i’ve come across in my short time with it. It’s untouchable. The fiercest, most intense, most cocky thing. Everything is on, even the parts that are usually so much in Kpop out of place, affectatious afterthoughts – the rapping, the singing showing off – those things put in so every member with their distinct style and contributions have their chance to shine.

So often the trend of putting everything in leads to disparate messes, leaving me thinking "This would be perfect if only…" That "if only" is always a wish for something to be left out. Not here. Everything is necessary and everything propels it unremittingly forward to perfection.

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