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Devil’s night out – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Hoo boy. Anyway, i suffer from this twitch where i reflexively say “Satan!” at non-pointed moments. For no reason, it pours out of my mouth before i can catch it with such regularity that has, in my usual way of not seeking help or educated answers at all, lead me to a self-diagnosis of possible mild Tourette’s. I’m pretty sure it’s not that, but it’s something. Everything else i can keep inside except “Satan.” It hasn’t gotten me in trouble yet, but that might be because i’m never around people enough for someone to catch me, except my girlfriend who tolerates it by making fun of me. I’m worried it will get worse as i get older. One evident consequence of it is the amount of songs here that have been triggered by it. Here’s one. A song i haven’t listened to in at least fifteen years. I had forgotten how insane Dicky Barrett’s vocals are. And about that disappointing ska break.

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