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Hot potato – Freestyle Fellowship

It could have been just Yakety Sax in my head, but thankfully it expanded to this track. I always thought myself rather cool when i had to go into an actual dance/hip hop record store to find this album, and that still whenever i talk to someone about hip hop (when ever?) and recommend Freestyle Fellowship, or independently Mikah/Myka 9, Aceyalone, etc. it always comes as a fresh and excellent one. It’s probably the company i keep because i am still at the most base level of hip hop penetration. As big a part as hip hop has played in my life, and as much as i love it, i’ve never embraced or penetrated it as much as i should have, committing all my investigative energy to mid-90s emo and such. This entry is the first in which hip hop has shown up. It might just be the measure of all hip hop in my life. Who’d know.

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