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Oblivious – Galaxie 500

I listened to the Galaxie 500 covers album the other day. Some of them were ok, but every single one made me wish i were listening to the band themselves. That is not something i can level to Galaxie 500. Their covers are some of my favourite and preferred versions of songs. Not their cover of Final Day, though – it’s still good, but i love the original too much. Anyway Hefner cover this song, and do a straightforward job of it, but they failed to supplant the original as today’s song in my head.

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Temperature’s Rising

Temperature’s rising – Galaxie 500

Just as it’s getting warmer here… Weather-wise, not anxiety or drug influence-wise.

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Ceremony – Galaxie 500

Here’s another scoffable gap of mine: I don’t think i’ve ever heard the original version of this song. To compound that, i don’t even know if it’s a Joy Division (late or posthumous) or a New Order song. Of course i could research it, find out and fill that gap, but i think it’s important to be honest and open about things, so, here, take me at my woeful, shameful ignorance or don’t take me at all. No, come back!

I have read reputable sources saying this cover is superior to the original, however. They’re no doubt wrong and sacrilegious, but why should that take away anything from this version?

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Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder – Galaxie 500

The best song ever written about a car. In my opinion. It’s sort of for music what Two-Lane Blacktop is for car movies: convention-defying, divergent, dissidentive, poetic, existential, at an irregular tempo to anything it could be lumped with, and one you never see appear on a list of the best car songs/movies. Neither are for car fanatics, to fit into their culture with all acceptable gearhead talk and tradition of vehicle affection intact.

It is, to me, a song reflective of all the most permissible things about a car. Not driving down some strip, in competition with all other cars. Not trophied in a garage, to only be let out on a Sunday, status symbol vehicles. Not to be paraded, a show piece, ornate, but a car that can carry a person to a somewhere they really need to be. It is separate from even the teenage-liberating semblance of the cars of the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, etc. They were always driving to, Blue Thunder away. A love song for the carriage, claustrophobic yet isolated and safe, a world from which one can traverse the distances of the larger one. The notion of the power of cars exists here too, but an altogether different power than engine and speed. It is to motor different things, different desires, to transport the unsettled on hope to get somewhere. To get somewhere. An elsewhere.

two-lane blacktop

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Strange – Galaxie 500

The way Dean Wareham sings “i went alone down to the drugstore”, with the sustain of “alooooooooooooooone” held to the perfect nanosecond, almost as though it were scientific, his voice quivering and raspy as he holds the note, but holding it so adeptly, without any hint of struggle to hang in there until that perfect nanosecond comes, is one of the most beautiful things in music. There is only one better sustained vocal note that i can think of, and anyone who guesses it gets a prize. It is a wonderful feeling, being alone at night with this song and succumbing to every “alone”, “back”, and “line”. This is without any mention of the splendour replete in the rest of the song, the rest of the album, and the rest of what Galaxie 500 did as a band. All of it.

night of the comet

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