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Metastasis – Naked Raygun

Yeah! Play a single line verse once through then the “Heyayhey” on top of surf guitar bit. Then play a guitar line that fits over a whole chord progression as Naked Raygun did best. This song kicks, as does pretty much everything the band ever did.

Naked Raygun knew how to write songs. There is so much praise around for them, yet they never seemed tiered with the great 80’s punk bands. I mean, it is not as though they are a lost band and they’re consistently up there but… maybe i’m arguing only against listmakers – those that rewrite history they were not apart of for books in chain bookstores and blogs in chain blogospheres (ugh). It seems, despite how big and long-standing they are, Naked Raygun are the kind of band who only the word of cooler, older people will save from the obliged sentence or two they are given in punk rock history. Those who know, know. Those yet to know hopefully will one day have someone to show them.


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